Monday, May 2, 2016

Day 7- Knife skills 101

In order to make myself more marketable as a hand model, I was advised to take a knife skills class. Splendid.  I wanted to learn proper knife skills anyway.  Anything that might improve my sous chef abilities to the Chef de Cuisine de maison Burlington can only benefit us all.  Rob was completely on board:)

Believe it or not, this nose following keeps leaving me full of trepidation.  Who do I think I am? Why bother trying something new?  Is anyone reading about this whole experience?  Can I really learn something new?  Why bother?  Am I crazy???

And then I show up at the appointed place and enjoy myself.  And I learn something and hopefully, I change a little.  More than you wanted to know?  I get it. 

Below, mis en place.

Wanna try this knife?  How about this one?  Japanese?  German?  What's your pleasure?

What we chopped was used to make veggie stock.  Waste not!

I got a little punchy after some coffee.

Surprising highlight of the class- peeling and sectioning an orange.  I was particularly proud of these little guys.  And they were delicious!

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