Friday, May 27, 2016

Day 21- Surcee-Definition (n): word used in the South to mean a small, thoughtful gift, unexpected gift, just because.

When I gather with my college girlfriends, AKA Galzinbrad, we make a weekend of it.  We cook, swap book titles, walk, explore, and sometimes, we share surcees.  See definition above.

You don't have to bring a surcee.  Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't. No pressure.  But, I like to.  The Friday of Galzinbrad 2016 arrived and I was surcee-less.  That's when I resolved to follow my nose.  In my own home.

With help of mason jars, some Martha Stewart paint and a few lettering stamps, I was armed with surcees.

Filled with my new summer thirst quencher, hibiscus lemon tea, they were flat-out purty.

Cheers Galzinbrad!

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