Thursday, May 5, 2016

Day 9- Bunny conspiracy

Look what came home with CC yesterday.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Apparently Beatrix Potter was pro-bunny piles.  She was in cahoots with the little critters.  She was a bunny sympathizer.  I never knew she was so political.  And so subversive.  Look at these creatures.  They appear to be so sweet and cuddly and kind.

Other creatures in the forest look at them with admiration.

Mama bunny loves her little bunnies.  Margaret Wise Brown echoes Potter's political statement in many of her works.  "Cuddle with Mama Bunny, and all will be well."

But Mama Bunny is a drug dealer.  See the sign?  What Potter calls "rabbit tobacco" I call drugs to make American bunnies poop more.  In my yard.

Here, a realistic depiction of what bunnies are:  thieves, gluttons and vandals.  (Poop not depicted by Beatrix Potter in book.)
Message received Bunny Nation.
Now, leave my innocent children alone!

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