Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Art Camp: day 3, painting outside and a trip to the High

A morning cuddle. Do not attempt the following at home:
I let all three children paint on the deck at the same time. You have been duly warned.
A red foot.

The kids had a great time painting. It got all over their bodies, their clothes their shoes and their mom. Baths followed immediately.
After a complete change of clothes, we drove to the High museum to meet up with Beth, Jack and Paul Friglingos.
Outside the High- love the courtyard!

Jack and Beth are amused by something.
Robert, Paul and Esther painted with sand.We bade farewell to Mr. Monet as we left.

Back at home, Robert and Esther created an art gallery of their own:

Note the bargain basement pricing: $1 for each.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Art Camp: day 2

On the morning of day 2 of art camp, we visited Miss Heather, Esther's preschool teacher from last year. Heather is an incredibly talented women who sews, knits, paints, draws and crafts. Getting to see her amazingly whimsical house/studio was a feast for our eyes. Thank you Heather!

Esther took this series of photos at Heather's house: (self-portrait)

Robert took these photos:
(both kids were intrigued with this painting)

A view of the supply room.

Brother love, that morning.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Art Camp: day one

I think they liked the first day.
In the morning we took Rob to work and settled into the art room at AGS for 'art class.'
Robert and Esther go to draw on the huge dry erase board.

Between drawings we took a break in the gym to shoot baskets. Snacks and play breaks have made art camp go pretty smoothly so far.

We then drove to North Point mall to meet my mom for lunch. What does the mall have to do with art camp? Nothing. But the indoor playground is fun.

While CC took an afternoon snooze Robert, Esther and I made art camp t-shirts.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A fairy affair

Our good friend and neighbor, Elise, had a fairy birthday party on Saturday to celebrate 5 years. Not bringing my camera to the party was a big mistake.
Picture ten 5-year-old girls clad in pink, green and purple gauzey wings playing in a green meadow. Pure magic. We even got to make fairy dust! Thank you Brown family for a splendid party.
In order to bring some magic of our own to the party, Esther and I assembled fairy lights.
Robert models them.
I had fun putting some magical touches on this tin to contain the lights. The opposite side of the box reads, "fairy. On the inside it says, "magic."