Monday, June 1, 2009

Animal Camp

In the spirit of Camp Tennessee (mom does camp instead of paying someone else), we have embarked on Animal Camp. This is a little easier. You will find us at Zoo Atlanta every morning this week. The first day was last Friday. It's my camp so I can do whatever I want!!

Can you see what the kids are looking at through the fence from the petting zoo? Scroll down for the answer. . .

He was hanging out in the shade.
My climber.
CC looks on as Robert climbs.
All day the sun dodged behind these rainclouds keeping it fairly cool. :)


  1. Camp Tennessee?! Animal Camp?! You Campers!
    Uhm, why would to go to the zoo without inviting the Frilingos'? Don't you know we live for the zoo? Or that we should live in the zoo? I can't remember which.

  2. Come visit the YoSim animal house while you're in the 'hood!


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