Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Robert is 6! Life keeps moving.

Happy Birthday Robert!

Robert celebrated his 6th birthday at home with a firetruck cake (made by Granny) and ice cream followed by a trip to the Braves game. Really, how do kids grow so fast?presentsnew super cool real running shoes. Look out USA Olympic track team.Robert and Oliver KosarAre John Kosar and Rob distant cousins?On Saturday I subbed for a friend in Buckhead. When I returned home this little girl greeted me in the driveway-Naked and covered in black marker. Esther, the free spirit.
The for sale sign went up in front of our house yesterday

Time for quotes

"I LOVE FOOD." -just before dinner last night, Esther
"CC, don't ever grow up, okay?"- Robert
"To find out more, you can check my website."- Esther
"Da da da da da dadn"- CC

Thursday, September 18, 2008

wedding practice

Esther started school - Robert is almost 6!

Esther started school at Druid Hills United Methodist Preschool on Sept. 3. Her school is pretty close to Hirsch so the kiddie commute is pretty do-able. Unlike The Children's Garden, DHUMP is huge with over 200 families! I run into moms and kids and dads I know from The Music Class all the time. Pick-up takes place on the playground- it's a crazy mob of kids, lunches, teachers and babies.She seems to like her new school okay after a few tears last week which were harder for me than her!
At Wed. night supper with Ruthie and Amelia (Campbell in background). Robert continues to LOVE his school, especially the math homework- he loves to do that first. :) He took this photo of dad:
And this photo of CC: You can tell she loves her brother!I took this one on a quiet afternoon. Just look at those gorgeous legs.

Tomorrow Robert marks birthday #6. We have Braves tickets to celebrate. I will post photos of his b-day soon. Wedding photos will be up ASAP.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The road to matrimony. Glo is glowing.

On August 30th I threw a bachelorette party for Glo. We all met up at Glo's apartment and then headed to the Georgian Terrace where I got a room for the night.
Gulru, Deanna and Glo scrapbooking in the lobby of the Georgian Terrace.What in the world did we do that night you might ask. Well, after it took about an hour to check in (don't get me started) we settled into our room with wine, cheese, strawberries and SCRAPBOOKING SUPPLIES. That's right, I asked the girls to bring photos of Glo and we scrapbooked the evening away. Don't choke on your chips here- it was a BLAST! The resulting album is very fun. What a great way to commemorate Glo's singlehood.
Glo, Deanna, Gulru and Jena en route to ENO.We had dinner at ENO, just down Peachtree from the Georgian. Our food was pretty good. Not great. Except the ceasar salad- served on a Parmiggiano crisp. After dinner we went back to the hotel and. . . .scrapbooked some more. Glo and I crashed there for the night and Scott showed his handsome face for a pickup the next morning. Seriously, good times. Glo- I love you mucho- now you have a book to prove it. :)
So. . . 5 days and counting. Here comes the bride!

The next morning- and the groom.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Goodbye summer

Summer of 2008- full of things I want to forget. Also, full of things I want to remember.
Esther and John Edward Kosar at the Jumping Bean.
Scott and Esther love play-dough.

Looking at a rainbow.

Esther and Elise under the table-fort time!
Esther and barrettes
Giving dad his birthday present- a tiara.
Giving dad a firetruck.

Chopping potatoes for dinner.
I love these faces.
Matching dresses.
Esther in her dress for Glo's wedding. Luminous.

Robert decided to measure CC on our wall with my help.

Auntie love.
the gang on our driveway.

Car trouble in June.

Sewer backup in August