Monday, February 21, 2011

It's not all as glamourous and fun as I make it look.

Summary of the past two weeks:

CC-fever for 3 days, spiking in the middle of the night to 105'. Diagnosis- Hand, foot and mouth disease, a virus that makes little bumps all over her cute little butt. They are still there. Fever is gone, kind of. Regimen: Tylenol as needed for fever, Allegra 2x/day for allergies, albuterol as needed for cough.

Esther - awoke last week with our first family case of croup. Aha- allergy season is upon us. Fever besets her and has lasted on and off for 5 days now. Most likely because of pneumonia.
the regimen: Amoxicillin 2x/ day, Allegra 2x/ day (which the factory doesn't make any more? Really?), Albuterol as needed (6 times last night :)), Ventolin as needed, Tylenol as needed, Advil ditto, Singulair 1x/day. At 2am I administered Benadryl so she could sleep. It worked.

Robert- healthy as a horse.

Laurie- Thankfully, healthy. Regimen- coffee minimum 2x/day. Herbal supplement so I don't get sick, whenever I remember to take it. Prozac, daily. Wine- 2-150 glasses on the weekend as needed.

Rob- ???

Monday, February 7, 2011

Mama has to make stuff

The crafting frenzy continues. Well, it never stopped. Above, some paper flowers I have been enjoying. A nice harbinger of warmer weather I hope.
Above, "snowflakes" I made from Lindt truffle wrappers to hang at the window. And a yummy candle from one of my lady peeps.
All set up for something crafty. Note: Martha has been hanging around a lot.
Handmade envelopes. So easy, and inspiring. I have ALWAYS enjoyed letter writing, so I sent a happy handwritten little note off to my sister requesting that we initiate some old-fashioned correspondence.

She sent me a "super" letter a few days later. Long live snail mail and thank you Gloria!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

a picture of Grampy taking a picture of the Burlington kids

I love the scale of this photo. Big Daddy is out on their balcony and the kids are incredibly dwarfed by the row houses. What a lovely memory.
In fact, we drove to Atlantic Station (where this photo was taken) today and as we exited, Esther proclaimed, "Atlantic Station, oh yeah, oh yeah, I LOVE it!"