Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Esther, 3-year-old gourmand

"Dad, for lunch can I have cassoulet, just like we had last night?"- Esther

Monday, December 22, 2008

Harmony happens.

"Robert, you really rock it! Robert is my hero."- Esther

Sweet moments when our family is in harmony happen. They are hard to remember, therefore I write. Robert carried the diaper bag for me from the YMCA to the van. He also carried the (empty) carseat without me asking him to. Esther got all the doors. When I let them have a small extra treat after a good dinner, Robert got out of his chair and gave me a HUGE long hug. Esther followed and we had a genuine spontaneous family group hug. CC even laid hands on us from her high chair.
On Saturday when we opened gifts with my parents and Glo and Scott. Robert and Esther handed out all of the presents. Robert didn't open any of his own til everyone had ALL of their gifts. Esther only opened one. :)

Another thing I don't want to forget: When mommy works out, mommy is nicer. Please someone help me remember this!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Craftapalooza 2008

Mystery photo-
Last weekend Mom, Gloria and I gathered at mom's house for the 3rd annual Craftapalooza. What is Craftapalooza? you might ask. If you fill 48 hours with glue guns, thread, mom's whipped Bernina sewing machine, tacky glue, glitter glue, spray paint, needle-nosed pliers, sequins, scrapbooking supplies, sugar, coffee, ribbon, long Michael's receipts, and lots of elbow grease, you get Craftapalooza! Throw a papaw into the mix to keep the baby and you get my dream weekend.Scott did some woodworking in the basement. Check out the dovetailing: I made jewelry for the kids' teachers.
My favorite necklace:
another necklace:bracelet:
A Laurie original. A personalized memory game for my neice Rebecca. I took photos of the family and adhered them to playing cards. I hope she likes playing!
Oh yeah, I made ornaments with bottle tops.

Don't worry, mom got her baby time at Craftapalooza too. eyelashes.
Gloria with the product of her sugar magic, homemade caramels! She handwrapped them in parchment paper and voila- today's mystery photo (see above).

We even decorated mom and dad's tree.
ornaments in the boxornaments on the tree

Craftapalooza 2008 was so therapeutic and productive, I think we should make it a quarterly event. Sandra, Gloria- what do you think?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Esther tears it up

"Mom, I know where you can get some money! At the DOLLAR store!"- Esther
"Mom, one time I ate my booger and I didn't cry or throw up!"- Esther

This afternoon, with Elise Brown:

yet more:
more yet:
there is no going back now:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Deck the halls

Merry Christmas to us from Lou in East Cobb. THANKS for the tree! I found a pre-lit artificial tree on Craigslist last week. The price was just right: free. Rob brought it home as a surprise on Friday. Mom and dad came over on Sunday for lunch and helped us decorate. The house feels soooooooo cozy.

Olde English choristers on the mantel.

Our gingerbread house handmade by Linda Bailey. She makes one for the kids every year:)

A German nativity pyramid from mom and dad.
The "Advent Christmas Tree" made by mom and dad. Plywood with 25 cup hooks, we add an ornament every morning of advent. (The ornaments we made at Thanksgiving.)

The nativity on the piano.

Thanks to the 'rents for their help and lunch on Sunday.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tennessee Thanksgiving

Packed for the trip to the Tennessee cabin. How many big wheels can you spot? Keeping the kids busy with homework while we pack the van.
The day we arrived my dad had been chopping wood for the fire. Who chops wood these days? My 62 year old dad.Another member of the family, Big Blue. She is my favorite family vehicle. When I drive her I get a fabulous accent. I even wear a cowgirl hat. It's a little scary and weird. Dad is chopping in the background and the turkey is frying next to Big Blue.Rob and mom did all the cooking on Thanksgiving. Rob was the head chef and mom was the sous chef- her middle name is Sue- really!

Gloria brought pumpkin pie. Scott furnished the drool.Gloria and Esther at the table. Let's eat!

CC got her own dance with Scott that afternoon.

Beautiful red berries on a random bush outside. Robert and I went for a hike one afternoon and spotted a bald eagle flying along the lake below us. Can you say mother and son magic? Please let me always remember that moment that gave me chills.

Robert and Esther tore it up on their big wheels all weekend. They even found their own secret hideaway on the lower deck. The view from the hideaway.

Ornaments that we made for our Advent Christmas Tree. Felt and pom-poms and glue.

As we left dad got out the shotgun for the annual shooting of the mistletoe. That's the only way to get it out of the oak trees in time for Christmas. Robert is holding some.

Burlington boys back at home.Here is one way to keep a baby warm while playing with the other kids outside. Alien?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

They said it.

"Wo- Santa gives out all those Christmas presents? He must have a LOT of money!"- Robert
"Who do you think is a better singer mom, you or Miss Kimmel?"-Robert
"So mom, what did you do today?" Esther, after school.
"So guys, what did you do today?"-Robert, after school.