Saturday, December 20, 2008

Craftapalooza 2008

Mystery photo-
Last weekend Mom, Gloria and I gathered at mom's house for the 3rd annual Craftapalooza. What is Craftapalooza? you might ask. If you fill 48 hours with glue guns, thread, mom's whipped Bernina sewing machine, tacky glue, glitter glue, spray paint, needle-nosed pliers, sequins, scrapbooking supplies, sugar, coffee, ribbon, long Michael's receipts, and lots of elbow grease, you get Craftapalooza! Throw a papaw into the mix to keep the baby and you get my dream weekend.Scott did some woodworking in the basement. Check out the dovetailing: I made jewelry for the kids' teachers.
My favorite necklace:
another necklace:bracelet:
A Laurie original. A personalized memory game for my neice Rebecca. I took photos of the family and adhered them to playing cards. I hope she likes playing!
Oh yeah, I made ornaments with bottle tops.

Don't worry, mom got her baby time at Craftapalooza too. eyelashes.
Gloria with the product of her sugar magic, homemade caramels! She handwrapped them in parchment paper and voila- today's mystery photo (see above).

We even decorated mom and dad's tree.
ornaments in the boxornaments on the tree

Craftapalooza 2008 was so therapeutic and productive, I think we should make it a quarterly event. Sandra, Gloria- what do you think?

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