Friday, February 27, 2009

Birthday prep

Inspired by this garland from Martha:

I made my own.

Happy Birthday Esther - and me!

Monday, February 23, 2009

My demure sweater- deconstructed

The time has come to cull my wardrobe. In an effort to re-think and re-use, this sweater went from mousy on me to mod on Esther.

Sweater before:

I cut off the sleeves and sewed up the sides of the sweater body so that it became narrow enough for Esther to wear it as a sweater dress. I made the discarded sleeves into leg warmers by sewing them into narrower tubes.

I think she liked it. I sure did.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

CC is 1 addendum

More photos, courtesY of Pat Kiley- THANKS!

Still can't believe that she is one. . . or that Esther is almost 4 or that Robert is 6 or that I am almost 29!

A night intown

Gustavo and Werner threw a fabulous dinner party on Valentine's night. We had the pleasure of enjoying food, wine and company!

The table. Gustavo Solis, sylist.

Mama is happy to have adult conversation!

Michael Cahill and Gustavo. Cheers!

Endive salad with pecans and blue cheese creme fraiche dressing ala Werner.
Freshly baked boule, by Werner BOEL.
Genevieve Lyons and Werner chat it up.

THANK YOU gentlemen for a memorable and delicious evening. Gen and Mike- so great to reconnect with you guys! Good luck househunting!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mom. . .

"Mom, your breath is ack!"- Robert
"Mmmmm, your hair smells like lollipops, mom."-Robert

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy 1st birthday Cecilia Cate Burlington!

We celebrated CC's 1st birthday with family and friends on Valentine's Day.
Can you feel the love? cc is eating her cake with esther and Robert.

CC and Robert.
right before eating the cake.

the cake.

Pat Kiley and champagne.

Oliver Kosar and Robert -boy time.

Me, CC and Nonnie.

Two fabulous grandmas.

CC with John Kosar.
What a smile- John Edward Kosar.

Nonnie smiles :).

Let's have tea. Esther and Granny.

Dad brought us chocolate for Valentine's Day.

CC with Karla Kosar.

All of the Burlington kids.

3 generations.

Monday, February 9, 2009

build it craft it clean it weekend

The kids and I spent last weekend in Canton with mom and dad. Thank you for helping me out while Rob was out of town!! Now that I have 3 kids (why didn't I get this before?), I am learning the fine art of PLANNING. Saturday was jam packed with activities for Robert and Esther. First, a kids' workshop at Home Depot where they made Valentine trinket boxes.

Home Depot hosts kids workshops which are FREE every month. Check the schedule here:
Check out all these kids!!
BTW, Lowe's offers workshops too, every other week. Check that schedule here:
We then headed to ye olde crafte shop, Joann Etc. in Alpharetta for a craft demo. The kids each made a photo frame and butterfly with foamies. Also, FREE. (After all the moolah that mom spends at that store, I would hope so!!)

At Joann, a man was sharpening scissors in the store for the day. We had a great time seeing how he sharpened things with his diamond dust wheel. Wish I had brought the kitchen knives. . . and taken a picture.
Granny and kid legs back at their house.
Special props to my dad: he cuddled with a feverish CC all weekend. She has a sinus infection. Thanks mom and dad for a memory-filled weekend!!
On Sunday I took some special time out to spend with my faithful and neglected 2001 Toyota Sienna. I restored her dignity by vacuuming and cleaning her. Love you old girl.
Glo and Scott came by in the afternoon- good to see you guys! And then Rob came home. Ahh.
Here is a picture of Esther from last week. We were outside on the hammock. Personality.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


At bedtime tonight, "Mom, put some music on, from your voice."-Esther

Today at the barber shop a bald man was teasing Robert while Robert was getting his hair cut. The man said, "If you keep coming here you'll end up with a haircut like mine."(meaning his baldness)
Without missing a beat Robert replied, "My dad has one like that."

Monday, February 2, 2009

Esther's first dance, Robert's second tooth

Rob took Esther on a date to the Atlanta Girls School Homecoming dance on Saturday. She looks sad because we all had a very emotional (ly trying) evening. She had a great time later with dad and the girls. :)
I stayed home with Robert and CC. Check out Robert's whistlin' hole. His hair has gotten so long that I had to come it over after bathtime. Pretty dapper I think.

We colored cut-out dragons last week for Chinese New Year. I found the printables to color on . We later printed football coloring pages for the superbowl from the same site. Like to color? check it out!