Monday, February 9, 2009

build it craft it clean it weekend

The kids and I spent last weekend in Canton with mom and dad. Thank you for helping me out while Rob was out of town!! Now that I have 3 kids (why didn't I get this before?), I am learning the fine art of PLANNING. Saturday was jam packed with activities for Robert and Esther. First, a kids' workshop at Home Depot where they made Valentine trinket boxes.

Home Depot hosts kids workshops which are FREE every month. Check the schedule here:
Check out all these kids!!
BTW, Lowe's offers workshops too, every other week. Check that schedule here:
We then headed to ye olde crafte shop, Joann Etc. in Alpharetta for a craft demo. The kids each made a photo frame and butterfly with foamies. Also, FREE. (After all the moolah that mom spends at that store, I would hope so!!)

At Joann, a man was sharpening scissors in the store for the day. We had a great time seeing how he sharpened things with his diamond dust wheel. Wish I had brought the kitchen knives. . . and taken a picture.
Granny and kid legs back at their house.
Special props to my dad: he cuddled with a feverish CC all weekend. She has a sinus infection. Thanks mom and dad for a memory-filled weekend!!
On Sunday I took some special time out to spend with my faithful and neglected 2001 Toyota Sienna. I restored her dignity by vacuuming and cleaning her. Love you old girl.
Glo and Scott came by in the afternoon- good to see you guys! And then Rob came home. Ahh.
Here is a picture of Esther from last week. We were outside on the hammock. Personality.

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  1. This is great info - thanks for sharing the goodness that is "The Deep" or "The Orange Store" (sez Pip).


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