Monday, June 23, 2008

St.Stephanie of Norton

Saint Stephanie Burlington of Norton, Mass. has held forth with the 3 children and me since last week. Rob is on a pilgrimmage to Greece. I haven't had much time to blog but many great photos will get posted soon. Please take a moment to petition the Vatican for the canonization of St. Stephanie. Wait, can a saint be living?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

hot weekend up north

On Thursday, June 5, Rob Cecilia and I flew to LaGuardia for Rob's 20th high school reunion. JP picked us up and whisked us away to Westover Girls' School (where he works and lives and Jen graduated) in Woodbury, CT.
On the train at Hartsfield-Jackson.sweet repose on the plane.

Deli food at JP's. It was New York good.

Jen came to Westover to join us for the night. So, I had the pleasure of spending the evening and most of the next day with 3 out of 4 of the Burlington kids. (Stephie and Larry moved into their new house the very same weekend- congrats guys!) We had dinner out and got to bed late. On Friday we lounged til midday while Westover had their graduation. The girls do this circle ceremony every year that we watched from JP's window. Sweet or cult-like? Any comments Jen?

I don't understand private school life. I do envy the personal connection that JP, Rob and Jen seem to still have to their high schools. On Friday JP drove us to Sharon were we stayed with the gracious and dashing Keith Johnson at his modern CT retreat. Friday was a study in contrasts. We passed Westover (Jen's high school), Trinity-Pawling (JP's high school), Salisbury (Rob's high school) and Danbury High School (my school)In this picture (barely visible) under the bridge there is an outdoor playground for the childrens' center housed at the school. For the children of the students.I obviously married above my station.
Keith made us a beautiful dinner at his home (why didn't I take photos?) that night. Thank you Keith for your hospitality, company, wine, coffee and air conditioning. The temperature as we turned in for bed was about 55'.
Saturday morning brought a heat wave. By the time we arrived at Salisbury for lunch festivities, it was 85' and climbing. Little CC braved the heat like a champ.
By noon we had stripped her down to the diaper. A beautiful (maple?) tree on the quad shaded us lovingly. The men of Salisbury in the shade of forementioned tree:
After an afternoon rest at Keith's we returned to Salisbury for a super steamy dinner at the dining hall (90' and no A/C). Everyone was a good sport, but we didn't eat much.
Keri and David Leavy:the crowd at the end of the party.Jon, Rob and Dave.Marwan and Lena.Sunday morning we met up with JP and drove to the city for a Yankees game. On the way in we saw the new stadium, under construction:
A good family friend, Jack, got us box seats for the game. THANK YOU FOR THE ROCKING TICKETS!!! Therefore, my first and only trip to Yankee stadium was unforgettable.
First pitch of the game- note the ball in the air.JP in the box.Jack in the box- Ha!Jeter walking.The view of other boxes from the outdoor seats.Jeter photo on the wall inside the box.Rob calling in our lunch order.CC is amazed.Posada and the umps during the Star-Spangled Banner.View from our seats

Burlington boys on their old stomping ground- final trip to the old Yankee stadium.
What a weekend- CC in peace on the way home.

postscript: Never ever fly Airtran out of LaGuardia, even if they pay you.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

reception/brunch photos

All Saint's honored Rob with a reception on June 1. Several parents and youth spoke, the youth choir sang and the staff did a top 10 list (see previous post). Here are some photos from church and brunch at Babette's following the reception.
Robert jumps into a crash pad. Nice mid-air shot, eh?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

An affair to remember

Last Saturday we celebrated Gloria and Scott's engagement at our place. The weather was pleasant, the food was excellent, the couple was handsome and the music (provided by classical guitar) provided an elegant touch. Thanks to Gustavo and Werner for the food and decorations. Thanks mom for the cake.

fun food.
Werner and mom making bridal bows.
Lovely mom.
This shot is posed- no cake for CC yet.
Cucumber radish salad.
Handsome man holding my baby.
Scott and Glo.

flowers at the table
Deanna and Scott in dappled sunlight.
Jenna, Jeremy and Glo in more dappled sunlight.
Gulru and Thor, dappled sunlight.
Lanterns and music.
What is she talking about?
Scott and Gloria and the coconut creme cake.

CC, in white linen, reposes on Papaw's lap.