Tuesday, June 10, 2008

An affair to remember

Last Saturday we celebrated Gloria and Scott's engagement at our place. The weather was pleasant, the food was excellent, the couple was handsome and the music (provided by classical guitar) provided an elegant touch. Thanks to Gustavo and Werner for the food and decorations. Thanks mom for the cake.

fun food.
Werner and mom making bridal bows.
Lovely mom.
This shot is posed- no cake for CC yet.
Cucumber radish salad.
Handsome man holding my baby.
Scott and Glo.

flowers at the table
Deanna and Scott in dappled sunlight.
Jenna, Jeremy and Glo in more dappled sunlight.
Gulru and Thor, dappled sunlight.
Lanterns and music.
What is she talking about?
Scott and Gloria and the coconut creme cake.

CC, in white linen, reposes on Papaw's lap.

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