Monday, June 2, 2008

From Rob's reception yesterday

The top ten reasons Rob will be missed at All Saints', presented by the All Saints' staff

10. His non-anxious presence

9. Those shiny shiny shoes

8. That shiny shiny head

7. Wardrobe advice (solicited and unsolicited)

6. That "you must be kidding me" look at lunch (or when I'm wearing something. . .interesting.)

5. That "you must be kidding me" look at staff meetings (or when I'm wearing something . .. interesting.)

4. His voice (no, not his singing voice but his speaking voice at full volume. It's really loud. It carries. . .)

3. "Foodie" conversations and cooking tips.

2. With Chris Epperson AND Rob gone, no metrosexuals left on the staff.

1. Laurie, Robert, Esther and Cecilia

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