Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Goings on

I love fall the best.  Fall brings many things.  Including soccer.  Robert's team, Phoenix remained undefeated all season.  Granny and Papaw came into town to catch his last game (and one of Esther's gymnastics classes).  Thanks for joining us G and P!  During the season Robert scored about 1,000 goals.  But who's counting??

Jonathon, Robert and Pedro (fan and friend)
I joined CC's juniorK class for the quintessential autumn day trip to Patterson farms.  This place had everything: scarecrows, pumpkins, ducks, chickens, baby pigs, a PONY.  And many young children. 
Ms. Milam's class (cc- backrow)

pumpkin picking
instead of a sandbox there was a huge tented box for the kids to play in filled with this!

Robert is singing with The Choir School at St. Peter's.  Here he is after evensong with CC.
Esther's class recently went on an outreach trip to a local Headstart school.  She and her classmates instructed the pre-k age students in an art project and read to them.  Esther worked with her 2 charges naturally and confidently.  Here she is in the back of the bus with classmates.

Each second grader worked with a pair of pre-k students on their own. 

I am proud of everyone's accomplishments this fall.  Go Burlingtons!

Monday, October 22, 2012

We are here- but where is that?

The Burlington family has recently moved to Huntersville, NC.  While we transitioned I let the blog languish in inactivity .  At the same time I languished in confusion, emotion, transition and boxes.  There is no good way to represent the last 6+ mos. in cyber space.  So, let's just keep movin.  I aspire to sharing some important photos and events of the last few months, but for now let's talk about right now. 
One thing I know now:

The kids all attend Cannon School, where Rob works.  It is an excellent school and they have all adjusted BEAUTIFULLY.  I am one proud mama.
uniform shopping

1st day of school

CC, with her senior buddy, Jenna Wagner.

Hanging out after school.

here is a video about Cannon made by students.  Cool stuff. 

That's enough for today.  welcome back friends.