Sunday, May 30, 2010

Under the Canopy at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Now that the Atlanta Botanical Garden has opened the Canopy Walk, we are loving visiting there more than ever! Gloria took us there after school last week. Exploring the garden in the afternoon was a totally different experience (we usually go in the morning). There were very few people there, virtually no kids and the temperature was beginning to drop for the evening. Once again, thanks to Glo and Scott for giving us access to one of the most beautiful spots in Atlanta!
The kids loved being up so high in the trees. Me too!
A frog at the mirror pond. Photo by Robert.
Photo by Robert using "human zoom."
This droplet photo is by Esther.

Mama gets out to see A Prairie Home Companion!

Friday a week ago Rob came home and informed me that Garrison Keillor was coming to the Fox Theater on Saturday. I knew that already, considered getting tickets a long time ago, and didn't get them. It turns out that our friend Paige Martin had an extra ticket that Rob procured for me on Friday night. Upon hearing the news that he was sending me to A Prairie Home Companion, I began running around our house like a mad fool singing "I'm gonna see Garrison Keillor!" My new insanity made a strong impression on the kids. Twenty-four hours later, across the street from the Fabulous Fox, I looked like this-

The magnificent stage curtain:

Voila- the set of Prairie Home Companion!
The tall figure at the middle of the next photo is Garrison himself. The moon shone during his Lake Wobegon monologue.

Strangely Garrison skipped many of the typical skits like Guy Noir, The Lives of the Cowboys, The Ketchup Advisory Board and Dwayne and his mother. The musical guests took the bulk of the show most notably, Caroline Herring, a guitarist/ folksinger who made a strong impression on me and The Steep Canyon Rangers, a bluegrass/vocal band who sang beautifully together.
Enjoy listening to the whole show here:

Thank you Rob for sending me to Prairie Home Companion, something I have wanted to do for a LONG time. A night out for mama is a fabulous thing. . .

Friday, May 28, 2010

Back by popular demand, some quotes.

After his last day at school, as we sat on the playground when everyone else had left,
Robert-"Mom, I feel pretty lonely."
Me-"How does that feel?"
Robert-"Well, my heart feels pretty funny."
Me-"Funny, like it hurts?"
Robert-"No, it feels really heavy in my chest."

Today on the swings in the backyard,
"My wan' go higher mommy. Up. . . sky!"- CC

Last night in bed,
"Mommy, if God is the Father, then the earth is his daughter and his Heart."- Esther

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

This year we invited the family over to our house for brunch after church. Rob and I cooked. Note: I changed into my cute apron (above) after most of the cooking was done. How southern is that?
CC and Esther ended up in a Gloria and Scott sandwich. Almost good enough to eat.
Granny, my mom, who can do ANYTHING. Need something fixed, sewn, planned, cooked, found, polished, put together, put to bed or read to? She can do it!
Sandra and her girls.
I insisted on quiche for brunch. Left: Leek, ham and three cheese quiche. Right: yellow squash and mozzarella quiche.
Pretty in the sun.
What I really liked about this Mother's Day: flowers, flowers, flowers in every room!

Thank you mom, dad, Glo, Scott, Rob, Robert, Esther and CC for a great day!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cookies and chrysalises

My sister is a master chocolate chip cookie baker. She is trying to impart her talent on the girls! The whole family benefits. . .

vigorous mixing.
vigorous eating to follow.

And a nap!
We have been observing caterpillars change to chrysalises (above and below) and then to butterflies in our butterfly garden.
I am enthralled by this miracle.

Ready to fly!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Random spring moments

Spring is here in Atlanta. Here is a random collection of photos from the past month. Above: mulberries picked at the Agnes Scott soccer field.
Esther and CC pose with my beloved lavender.
CC now has a big girl bed that resembles her sister's bed! She loves it. :)
Esther took the lavender photo above. Nice shot huh?
During spring break, we spent 3 days at mom and dad's. One day we visited their local library. While the girls, mom and I chatted with the librarian, Robert and Papaw got comfy in some easy chairs.