Thursday, August 28, 2008

Get out your Kleenex- Robert reads!

Robert quotes:
On the second day of school, "See you in 6 hours mom!"
While watching swimming during the Olympics, "Wow- Michael Phelps must want to make his mom really really happy!"

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Roadtrip to see Galzinbrad

Good bye Maine- LM and Esther on the Sunset Road porch.
Galz-in-brad- n. Laurie Haynes Burlington's Furman girlfriends and Brad Fugate.
On August 8 Galzinbrad gathered at a gorgeous rental cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia to celebrate our collective 35th birthdays. We talked, we hottubbed, we cooked, we ate, we drank, we played games, we talked, we laughed and yes, we cried. When the time came to leave Sunday morning, I didn't want to go home.
First, how did I get there? Great question. Being in Maine on vacation just before our weekend, I hitched a ride with Brad in Boston on Thursday morning. We cruised down the east coast for 2 days crankin' it roadtrip style.
1st leg.
2nd legThanks Brad for the great company, great driving and putting up with the breast pump. :) I have to give major props to Brad's Saab, Nina. You got us there girl!
Brad and Nina at the end of our journey.
At the onset.Lunch in New Jersey.
Gorgeous skies somewhere.Creepy rainy skies in Pennsylvania. We saw a tornado touch down near here!Evening skies in Virginia.
On Thursday night we pulled into Roanoke, VA to spend the night at the Burnett house. Michelle Burnett was already gone on her way to Galzinbrad weekend but we did get to see Stella, Thom and Thom's mom, Edie. Thanks for the hospitality Burnetts and the rockin eggs on Friday morning Thom!
Edie had gone school supply shopping that day and all the school supplies were sitting out for the Burnett girls.
Stella on Friday morning. Edie and Thom trying to get the computer to work in the a.m. Now for some shots from our weekend:
The beautiful kitchen at the cabin.

Peach infused wine.

Brad playing Scattergories.
Candle lit outdoor table. Mia preps dinner.

The view from my room on Friday morning.

The porch in my room!
Mystery photo: see end of blog for answer.
Lovely table.

Loft at our cabin.

Mia driving home. Ellie. Michelle, Brad and Becca.

Brad and napkin.

More candles. Cheers.

I miss you ladies!
Mystery photo above: Michelle's vegeterian chili. Yum.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The summer ends, a new chapter begins

Today was the day- Robert's first official day of kindergarten at Hirsch Academy. We all awoke with butterflies and excitement. I remembered the camera, the lunch, my phone, the gym cards (for after the drop off), the diaper bag, Robert's engine kit, the paperwork, Robert, Esther and CC. Phew. Now to rest, at 10:15pm. But first, some quotes:

While watching Michael Phelps win his 8th gold metal:

"Wow, he must really want to make his mom feel happy!"- Robert

After I asked how the first day of school went- "Well, I didn't break any of the rules or anything."-Robert

At dinner- "I felt happy today when I got to do a lot of fun things at Hirsch academy."-Robert

While watching the Olympic floor exercise finals-"That's Shawn, Shawn Johnson."- Esther

Finally, here is a video of my own Olympic hopefuls. They ran this race about 500 times before bed. Sweet dreams everybody.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Digits and Dinner

Stephanie, my sister-in-law, is getting married on October 4 so I threw a bachelorette party for her while I was in Maine.
The party girls-Jen Hague, Jen Remick, Stephanie Burlington, Jen Davis.
We got manis and pedis at Duda spa ( in Portsmouth, NH. Wow- if you are in the area, CHECK THIS SPA OUT!!! It is gorgeous and commodious. Steph and I returned later in the week for massages. Jen Hague brought champagne and strawberries to the spa for some mid-afternoon refreshment. After getting our digits beautiful, we headed to The Black Trumpet ( for dinner, also in Portsmouth. Steph's friend Meg joined us there, adding a nice surprise :)
The restaurant has a cozy vibrant feel. We sat by the window with a great view of the ocean and port. The owner (Owen?) was really helpful with the wine menu/menu. I discovered a Sicilian wine and missed my husband for a moment. . . If you ever go to this bistro DEFINITELY get their signature cocktail, the black trumpet- vodka, limoncello, blackberry and vanilla bean puree.

I delighted in spending the afternoon and evening with Stephanie and her girls. Steffi- you are very very dear to me- cheers!
Jen and Steph.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The rain in Maine falls Mainely on the Burlingtons

On the plane to Boston Logan. Anna Baker, mother's helper extraordinnaire, on the plane to Boston- with Esther.We rented a van in Boston and drove to Maine. The approach to the bridge crossing from New Hampshire into Maine. At this point, Robert was very very excited.We made it! I loved my time in Maine this year. Despite the cold, rainy, non-beach weather and my short stay, Maine was a breath of fresh air, literally. Anna Baker came with us to supply an extra set of hands and great company. We love you Anna! I really enjoyed not being pregnant on this trip. One major highlight this year: Stephie's bachelorette party on Sunday. I will blog separately about that.
Rebecca and Esther, two peas in a pod for the whole trip!

Rob- "When will it stop raining?"

Big Daddy- "Never."

Jen and Little Mama in the kitchen with that pre-dinner glow on their faces.

Jamming with Nonnie.
The only sunny afternoon- Larry, Steph and Jen Davis.
CC at the Duda spa.

Random man grilling. I thought the light was gorgeous and super Maine-y.

Trying to make the most of dinner.

Clear afternoon view of the ocean.
Me and CC, self portrait.

The aforementioned peas.


Rob and me at a swanky new restaurant in downtown York Beach called 'Blue Sky'. Oh, the irony. Little Mama's garden.

Sister love. CC en route to Maine.

Me and Robert, self portrait.
Big Daddy reading "Beautiful Joe" to Robert. Really sweet story. Big Daddy and JP making cocktails.
Anna B. after Stephie chopped her hair. Does she look like a college girl or what!