Friday, August 15, 2008

The rain in Maine falls Mainely on the Burlingtons

On the plane to Boston Logan. Anna Baker, mother's helper extraordinnaire, on the plane to Boston- with Esther.We rented a van in Boston and drove to Maine. The approach to the bridge crossing from New Hampshire into Maine. At this point, Robert was very very excited.We made it! I loved my time in Maine this year. Despite the cold, rainy, non-beach weather and my short stay, Maine was a breath of fresh air, literally. Anna Baker came with us to supply an extra set of hands and great company. We love you Anna! I really enjoyed not being pregnant on this trip. One major highlight this year: Stephie's bachelorette party on Sunday. I will blog separately about that.
Rebecca and Esther, two peas in a pod for the whole trip!

Rob- "When will it stop raining?"

Big Daddy- "Never."

Jen and Little Mama in the kitchen with that pre-dinner glow on their faces.

Jamming with Nonnie.
The only sunny afternoon- Larry, Steph and Jen Davis.
CC at the Duda spa.

Random man grilling. I thought the light was gorgeous and super Maine-y.

Trying to make the most of dinner.

Clear afternoon view of the ocean.
Me and CC, self portrait.

The aforementioned peas.


Rob and me at a swanky new restaurant in downtown York Beach called 'Blue Sky'. Oh, the irony. Little Mama's garden.

Sister love. CC en route to Maine.

Me and Robert, self portrait.
Big Daddy reading "Beautiful Joe" to Robert. Really sweet story. Big Daddy and JP making cocktails.
Anna B. after Stephie chopped her hair. Does she look like a college girl or what!

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