Monday, December 22, 2008

Harmony happens.

"Robert, you really rock it! Robert is my hero."- Esther

Sweet moments when our family is in harmony happen. They are hard to remember, therefore I write. Robert carried the diaper bag for me from the YMCA to the van. He also carried the (empty) carseat without me asking him to. Esther got all the doors. When I let them have a small extra treat after a good dinner, Robert got out of his chair and gave me a HUGE long hug. Esther followed and we had a genuine spontaneous family group hug. CC even laid hands on us from her high chair.
On Saturday when we opened gifts with my parents and Glo and Scott. Robert and Esther handed out all of the presents. Robert didn't open any of his own til everyone had ALL of their gifts. Esther only opened one. :)

Another thing I don't want to forget: When mommy works out, mommy is nicer. Please someone help me remember this!

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