Monday, February 21, 2011

It's not all as glamourous and fun as I make it look.

Summary of the past two weeks:

CC-fever for 3 days, spiking in the middle of the night to 105'. Diagnosis- Hand, foot and mouth disease, a virus that makes little bumps all over her cute little butt. They are still there. Fever is gone, kind of. Regimen: Tylenol as needed for fever, Allegra 2x/day for allergies, albuterol as needed for cough.

Esther - awoke last week with our first family case of croup. Aha- allergy season is upon us. Fever besets her and has lasted on and off for 5 days now. Most likely because of pneumonia.
the regimen: Amoxicillin 2x/ day, Allegra 2x/ day (which the factory doesn't make any more? Really?), Albuterol as needed (6 times last night :)), Ventolin as needed, Tylenol as needed, Advil ditto, Singulair 1x/day. At 2am I administered Benadryl so she could sleep. It worked.

Robert- healthy as a horse.

Laurie- Thankfully, healthy. Regimen- coffee minimum 2x/day. Herbal supplement so I don't get sick, whenever I remember to take it. Prozac, daily. Wine- 2-150 glasses on the weekend as needed.

Rob- ???

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  1. boooo! One of these days, you're going to realize it's already February and the Burlingtons have NOT had multiple winter plagues already. Knock on wood, this has been that year for us. So far. Thinking of you and your poor kiddos.



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