Monday, September 1, 2008

Goodbye summer

Summer of 2008- full of things I want to forget. Also, full of things I want to remember.
Esther and John Edward Kosar at the Jumping Bean.
Scott and Esther love play-dough.

Looking at a rainbow.

Esther and Elise under the table-fort time!
Esther and barrettes
Giving dad his birthday present- a tiara.
Giving dad a firetruck.

Chopping potatoes for dinner.
I love these faces.
Matching dresses.
Esther in her dress for Glo's wedding. Luminous.

Robert decided to measure CC on our wall with my help.

Auntie love.
the gang on our driveway.

Car trouble in June.

Sewer backup in August

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  1. the pictures of esther are so beautiful.
    -Anna (the nanny)


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