Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Robert is 6! Life keeps moving.

Happy Birthday Robert!

Robert celebrated his 6th birthday at home with a firetruck cake (made by Granny) and ice cream followed by a trip to the Braves game. Really, how do kids grow so fast?presentsnew super cool real running shoes. Look out USA Olympic track team.Robert and Oliver KosarAre John Kosar and Rob distant cousins?On Saturday I subbed for a friend in Buckhead. When I returned home this little girl greeted me in the driveway-Naked and covered in black marker. Esther, the free spirit.
The for sale sign went up in front of our house yesterday

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  1. Love it! Love the video! Congratulations to all! Robert on turning 6. Y'all on readying your house for sale. CC for staying small. And Esther, for finding new ways to express herself.
    love ya,
    The Frilingos family


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