Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Day 12- Nose-following destination: our yard sale.

The pain of Friday led to a nice yard sale on Saturday.  The sun came out, the crowds came sniffing for bargains and we unloaded, always a good thing.
Esther added a welcome/goodbye message at the end of the driveway.

We bid goodbye to the two chairs that Robert is sitting in.  A lady bought them for her son's empty apartment:)  Our (wonky) bar stools have a new life as rehearsal stools for a bluegrass band.

The best nose follower showed up right before closing time.  A lady took a turn to follow the sale signs on a whim right before her daughter's soccer game.  She spotted our white vanity, below.  Apparently, she has just finished painting her daughter's bed with the same paint effect.  Our end-of- sale bargain basement price thrilled her.  And now the vanity has found a new home.  A satisfying end for everyone.

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