Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Day 8- The bunnies shat in my yard so I went garden hopping.

I discovered 5 of these charming collections in my perennial bed yesterday morning.  After a bit of investigation, it turns out that rabbit droppings won't harm the plants.  They make for good fertilizer. But those bunnies decapitated 75% of my sunflower seedlings.  And that made mama unhappy.  So I took off for prettier gardens than my own.  Due to an errand in Cornelius, I found myself near the Seed Community Garden at St. Alban's in Davidson.  I felt my nose twitching, not unlike my bunny friends.  So I followed it.

My friend, Holmes, works at the garden and keeps a plot there.  So, I knew of the garden, but had never really explored it.  Lo and behold, you cannot make this stuff up.  If you have been journeying through 100 days with me, you know what the flowers below are called.  They are the first thing that greeted me at the garden!

Ain't it pretty?

Peonies.  How I love peonies.

The pristine produce below grows unharmed by bunnies.

Hello little fig tree!

Oregano, "Fence?  What fence??"

As a result of my garden gallivanting, I got a delightful tour of Holmes' home garden today.  She and her son, Graham are fearless gardeners.  Thank you Holmes for all of the great company and botanical inspiration!  Next time, I will bring my camera.

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