Friday, May 13, 2016

Day 15- Call me Snow Whiterella. I do housework while the animals frolic in the yard.

Guess who's back.  Who am I kidding?  He never went anywhere.  My bunny friend and his family have huge block parties in my back yard every evening.  I found him ready to greet me AT THE DRIVEWAY, IN THE FRONT YARD, last night when I came home at 9pm.  Let me fill you in a bit. Over the past week, bunny Burlington has become bolder and bolder.  I found him on the patio 2 days ago.

Last night he joined us for dinner!  Why little bunny do you love us so much?  Is it the dandelions? Is it the organic clover?  Is it my sweet children?  No.  I know why you come to see me every day.

Because I call do you in a special little language that only Disney princesses and animals understand. Rob filmed me doing it yesterday.  Yes, I have recently dyed my hair black.  Enjoy exclusive footage below.

Next up:  What do we name the newest member of our family?  Esther likes Fred.  I prefer Frederick. Or lawn mower. Comment to weigh in.  May you sail through your weekend with a smile and a song.
Snow Whiterella drops mic.

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