Monday, May 16, 2016

Day 16- Stack Wanderer. This entry dedicated to Megan Burlington.

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How does this photo make you feel?  Relaxed?  Sleepy?  Excited?  Bored?  How do books make you feel?  Nostalgic?  Peaceful?  Anxious?  
Many people have a visceral reaction to books and libraries.  The thought of a large repository of knowledge and imagination all housed in one central accessible location makes me smile.  My favorite room at the Biltmore?  You guessed it:  the library.  
As a 16-year-old with a fresh driver's license, I couldn't wait to drive to the, wait for it-

Millard Branch
Millard Public Library circa 1971

Millard Public Library, a branch of the Omaha Public Library system.
Pretty thrilling right?  I could do research, study with friends, or do homework on my own there.  I could discover new music (cds!) for free there.  And I could follow my nose through the stacks.  I could wander.  While wandering (almost hidden from view) I would stumble on an intriguing spine, a familiar title or a favorite author.  I could check out as many titles as I wanted and read them, or not! There was no risk of waste at the library.  Money had little value there.  

Just last week I seized the chance to do some stack wandering.  I was alone.  I had time.  A library was nearby.  So I wandered through Adult Fiction.  I was not looking for a particular book.  I had no agenda.  I just wandered in silence.

The books didn't fly off the shelves at me, but these three made their way home to my bedside table. 

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