Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Day 18- Erin Miller guides my nose.

We spent the weekend in the ATL.  In addition to seeing a plethora of friends who are our family, I had the privilege of being guided to some new discoveries.  My host, Erin Miller, introduced the whole family to the farm below.

Does it look like a farm?

It's named Creepy Chain Link Fence Doll Farm.  JK.  It's called Freewheel Farm.  Erin has gotten to know Brent Hall, owner of Freewheel Farm, through the Grant Park Farmers Market.

Mini micro greens.

Re-purposed skylights!

My crew exploring the farm.

And guess what.  They have cornflowers growing in abundance!

Panorama below courtesy of my studly godson, Dustin Chambers.

Storage containers.

Farm eye candy.

The kudzu battlefield.

Not the grouchy ladybug.

Thanks to Erin for broadening my horizons through garden inspiration.  Be it hereby known that I am open to following my nose suggestions, even if your last name isn't Miller.

Great video about urban farming at Freewheel Farm:  

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