Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Day 22-not noses, ears.

Yesterday my nose was in cahoots with my daughter's ears.   I knew that Esther and CC were (close to) ready for ear piercing, but we didn't plan it.  After lunch with our friend Mary Virginia, we decided to walk around the block to the iconic ear piercing mecca, Claire's at Birkdale Village.

Claire's pierced my ears back in 1983 at the Westroads Mall in Omaha.

33 years later, Claire's is still making little holes in little ears.
I don't remember my mom filling in paper work.  I don't remember a real diamond and 14k gold stud option either.  But I can remember our phone number- 333-2914.  Cuz we had to dial it.  With our little fingers.  Each time.  But I digress.

Of the two, CC was most ready.  She volunteered to go first.

Esther was nervous.  But she didn't cry.  Or throw up.

The bear has pierced ears so she understands your fears.

They do both ears at once now.  1-2-3 done!

Not crying or throwing up.

Post surgical clean up.


Very quickly the adrenaline build up turned into girlish giddy glee.  They didn't stop talking for 12 hours.

I also remember Steve Van Buren's phone number, by the way- 334-1379.

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