Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Day 31- You had me at "Linville."

When it comes to the land, North Carolina is full of tremendous beauty.  We have thoroughly enjoyed having access to coast and mountains and city.  During our 4 years in NC, we hadn't fully explored the Linville area (beyond the caverns).  We had the chance to stay with friends there a few weeks ago.  I was instantly charmed.
Our brief stay centered around All Saints' Episcopal Church.  The church rectory is above.

The church, inside and out, is constructed with walls of chestnut bark.

Stick steeple

entrance to church grounds
Sacristy window

The shady grounds are lush with fern, pachysandra, and hostas. 

A door worthy of the Shire.

Inside. . .

The communion rail is a log.

Maybe the whole church just grew out of the ground.

The simplest of all processional crosses.

The kneeler cushions portray local flora and fauna, and the church itself.

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