Sunday, June 12, 2016

Day 27- Take a Trip Tuesday, Part 2.

Here's a quick finish to our beautiful day last week.  According to the mini-goals for Take a Trip Tuesday, we had to follow the Burlington prime directive:  always eat well.  I also wanted to check out a local place (not a chain!) and eat somewhere with a wide variety on their menu to suit the tastes of everyone in our group.  Pete's Family Restaurant fit my criteria perfectly.  You know you have found a local hot spot when it is packed at lunch time and everybody turns around and looks when you walk in: they could tell we weren't from town.  We ate well.

Before disclosing our final stop on Take a Trip Tuesday, I must mention one of the pitfalls of following your nose adventures:  unplanned bumps in the road.  Thankfully, we did not encounter any car issues, but when we reached Korner's Folly, in Kernersville, NC, it was CLOSED.  One cannot see Korner's Folly, a multi-level, architecturally eclectic mansion, on a Tuesday.  Ever.  Just Wednesday through Saturday.  That is NOT clear on their website, because I checked. Of course.

However, the exterior grounds are quite lovely, of especial interest was the fancy brick outhouse (not pictured)!

The tile floor on the porch

Water pump

I wish I knew why this part of the porch was called the Witches Corner.

A perfectly sunlit magnolia eased by disappointment.  Until the next adventure!

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