Saturday, June 18, 2016

Day 30- We are food people. Period.

June brings heat, pool days, tomatoes and my husband.  That's right, Rob is more available because of school's end.  And guess what- we had an overnight trip together last weekend to Linville.  In classic Rob Burlington style we didn't simply drive to Linville,  Oh no, we visited culinary destinations along the way.  We heard about this cheese farm several months ago from a friend.

Situated in the middle of the rolling hills near Marion, English Farmstead Cheese was worth the drive. Can you say Cucumber Dill spread?  Learn how to say it.  Then go there.  And eat some.  Naturally, their cheddar was a winner too.

The try me table.

one of the family milk containers

They know what they are doing.

Because my handsome husband ALWAYS has his finger of the culinary pulse of anything within 200 miles (and beyond) our next stop was in Spruce Pine.  Knife and Fork features chef Nate Allen, area native, who has returned to NC since working all over the country.
Small cushion like pottery vases feature the knife and fork logo.  See it?

He sources food from nearby farms, menus are seasonal and the restaurant space ain't much to look at. Then the food comes.  Served by young enthusiastic servers, we especially loved the veggies we ate. Our clear favorites: grilled strawberry salad, smoked broccoli and cauliflower and smoked mushrooms.  Yum.  I also loved my trout sandwich which featured fish that resembled salmon more than trout.  I didn't complain.

The Rob and Laurie Story.

Mint and lilies.

Back to the real world

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