Thursday, June 9, 2016

Day 26- Take a Trip Tuesday-stop number 1

First stop on Take a Trip Tuesday:  Mrs. Hanes Moravian Cookies in Clemmons, NC.  This company has been making their signature thin and crispy cookies BY HAND since 1960.  In Clemmons, NC.  And they offer tours for the lovely price of $3 per person.  Do you see how beautifully this place fit into all of my mini-goals (see Day 25)?  When you take a tour you get to sample all six flavors of their cookies:  Ginger, Sugar, Chocolate, Lemon, Butterscotch and Black Walnut.  But even before you begin the tour you are immersed in a sea of sweet spicy gingery cookie aroma.  It beckons to visitors from outside and intensifies in the modest lobby.  The warm welcome of the ladies who work there matches the genuine nature of cookie making at Mrs. Hanes.  They guard their recipes carefully, but I can guess a few of the cookie ingredients:  molasses, ginger, cinnamon, kindness, sugar and the deep satisfaction of working with one's hands in a peaceful environment.

Tins full of cookie love.

Esther looks on as a woman rolls out the cookie dough.
On the tour one gets to meet Big Bertha- capable of mixing 700 lbs of cookie dough.

We were all fascinated by the beautiful design of this wood stove.  It is much like Mrs. Hanes' mother used to bake her cookies.  You see, she was looking for a way to make some extra money during Christmastime.  She started baking extra for friends and neighbors.  In a few years, her cookies were in high demand.

Now the business bakes 10 million cookies every year.

Each worker has a station that is specially suited to her height.  By working with a custom made table, workers can roll and cut cookies comfortably all day.

The Take a Trip Tuesday Crew

Our tour was by far the highlight of our day.  Go visit Mrs. Hanes Cookies!  But don't go at Christmastime, the place will be overrun with elves.

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