Thursday, June 2, 2016

Day 23- A box of ideas, in a library.

Another Tuesday evening rolled around.  Another Choir School rehearsal for Robert and Esther. Another couple of hours in Uptown.  I love Uptown Charlotte, but I was fresh out of ideas.  This time Rob saved the day!  He suggested going to the library, to read.  Yes, how elemantal.  How simple. Yes, I would go and read.  At the library.  But thankfully, it wasn't that simple.
I have spent many a winter evening at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Main Libraray, in Uptown.  But I had never stumbled upon THIS.
3-D printers made this stuff!

The Main Library has added a maker space/artist studio/creative hotspot that is open for everyone.  It is equipped with sewing machines, 3-D printers, a weaving loom, craft books, a laser cutter, and really helpful library volunteers.  Behold, IdeaBox.  What's a compulsively creative girl to do?

I wandered, I read, I chatted and I explored.
At the advice of one volunteer I started exploring the Thingiverse .  Here anyone can browse "digital designs for physical objects."  I found a design that resonated with me.  Actually, it resonated with me because it completely suited a friend.  I could make something for her and give it to her as a surcee. See Blog Day 20 for reference. 

A volunteer loaded it on a flash drive, changed the filament in the 3-D printer to red, my color of choice and boom- we were off!
The mighty mighty Makerbot.

Weaving anyone?

The studio is calling to me.

Laser cutter.


Of course I dragged the kids there after rehearsal.  They were actually impressed.  Here, Esther hangs outside the library with her homie.

Voila- Mayan lotus pendant, made by a machine.

Above, time lapse video of the pendant being made!!!

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