Thursday, April 28, 2016

Day 6- Mia Miller and the Sleepy Poet

I love me some Mia Miller,  This woman has been a part of my life since Furman.  I remember noticing her during freshman year.  She was one of the coolest band chicks, if not the very coolest.  And she became friends with me!  Lucky me.  Now that she lives in the CLT, I have an exploratory partner in crime.  Today's stop:  The Sleepy Poet Antiques Mall on South Blvd.

Not just any chandelier- a giraffe chandelier!

I listened to this 45 on a post-sleepover Saturday morning in 1987 1000 times without stopping.

We used to frequent the Time Warp in Greenville, a vintage clothing store run by none other than Natalie Merchant's mother.   Today we came full circle.  I purchased the above housedress for a wedding.  Not.

I actually really like this dress on Mia.

You better work that yellow gingham housecoat with the strawberry embroidered pockets!!!

The score of the day- this genuine gum ball machine for Mia's daughter, Pippa.  Love love love this for her.  

It might even work!  Alas, I walked away with no treasures.  But, I will be back to The Sleepy Poet sooner than later.  And watch for my Mia adventures to continue next week!

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