Sunday, March 2, 2008

A girly whirly pink birthday party

When I awoke on Saturday morning I felt dismal. I had been up with CC from 2-4am plus other feeding times during the night and Esther's party was planned for the afternoon. How could I possibly pull off a beautiful day for my little girl/big girl, now 3 years old?

Rob pulled the house together while Esther and I headed out for party supplies. At the dollar store we found the perfect party hats- pink Easter bonnets. see photos! As we wandered around, I let Esther pick out a present for her sister (snack cups that look like pig faces) and party favors (comb, brush and mirror set in handsome carrying case). I loved spending the morning with her- we shopped, chatted and laughed. At Old Navy we picked out a great swimsuit for the cruise ship- white with pink giraffe print. Look out Nonnie. Turns out, spending the a.m. with Esther calmed me and made me feel like I had chosen to spend my time wisely- with my daughter on her birthday. As it should be.

Back on the homefront the family troops (Glo, Scott, mom and dad) showed up with party fun galore. Mom crafted a beautiful pink cake (thanks Martha!) and Glo and Scott could hardly fit into their car with all the pink balloons they transported to party central. Did I mention the huge bouquet of flowers that made the room complete? Again, see photos.

The weather was beautiful- over 60'? The girls played, ate cake, opened prezzies and wore their hats willingly. I enjoyed hanging with the adults and seeing Esther take it all in. Magical. Happy Birthday Estherbean! I love you.

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