Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow in March

Today is Saturday so Rob and I tried to doze a little this morning while Robert and Esther played and watched TV. This is one of parents' dreams come true- children independent enough to entertain themselves while you continue to sleep. When the kids saw snow blowing around in the wind this morning, they had to include us. "Mom- look outside! IT'S SNOWING!!" So it was. The blustery snow continued til noon. In March$%^&%%^^*()#!

We had a lovely dinner last night provided by and with Victoria, our trainer and friend. It was great to have some company around. Pat Kiley and Marie-Louise Muhumuza visited us in the morning. I have started to realize that company/quality social time is very stimulating. It helps my energy level at this point. Thank you everyone who has checked in on us!

Speaking of visits, Mike, Leslie and Katherine Aiken brought dinner tonight and dined with us. What a blast! Katherine was VERY interested in the baby and even held her like a big kid. :) Good times.

Quotes not to forget:

after dinner, "Mom, I'm gonna go." (where are you going?) "I'm gonna ROCK ON!"- Esther
"How many poops did CC have during the night Mom?" -Robert
"What's the magic word mom? Toot-er-ama!"- Esther, at 2:30am

Our thoughts are with Little Mama tonight- recovering from shoulder surgery. Rest well, we love you. Here is a little photo to boost your spirits:

LM and Esther in 2005

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