Monday, March 10, 2008

Heavenly breezes

Ahh. Today's weather is a great reason to live in Atlanta. It reached 67'! Rob and Robert headed to the dentist this morning, half asleep, for an 8am appt. As a concession, Robert got to stay in his PJs. sounds like fun. Then they hit Thumbs Up Diner for a pancake breakfast, Robert still in PJs.

We girls stayed home and got dressed. Around noon we helped Wilma (our next door neighbor and friend) clean up the pine cones in her yard. The kids got a treat in return. :) We played play-doh (outside), filled the birdfeeder, laid down on the grass to watch hawks- you get the picture. Today it was lovely to be alive and outside!

On a different note, I want to express gratitude today. Gratitude for my WASHER. That's right. I use it every single day to wash away the poop, milk, poop, spit up, blood, mud, food, pee etc. of the day. I don't have to grind my fingers to a pulp getting it all clean. A machine does it. For that, I am grateful.

"It seems to me that Esther has gotten out of time-out."- Robert
Upon hearing the funny newborn snorts that CC makes, "She is talking with her nose, mom!"- Esther
"This pasta with the green stuff on it tastes okay. I guess I am getting used to it."-Robert
"Thank you God for my washing machine."- me

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