Thursday, March 20, 2008

all around Atlanta

Despite being up from 3-4am with a snorting gurgling baby, I awoke feeling decent today. My body and mind were well aware of a 10am appointment for a massage. I drove the kids to school and then took off for midtown. Sidenote: my normal route was completely blocked due to tornado damage. I drove by Oakland Cemetery and wondered when we might be able to return- this historic site is closed due to millions of dollars worth of tornado damage. So much for resting in peace. :)
Once in midtown I walked 3 blocks from the church to the spa. I felt like a genuine city-dweller getting blown around by the chilly morning air. The spa was warm and welcoming. I didn't want to leave. I want to go back right now! Gloria, my massage therapist, normally works at the Omni Hotel but is working in midtown due to repairs at the hotel- major tornado damage.
Not quite ready to go home I made a lunch pitstop at Java-ology on Edgewood Ave. I really like this local coffee shop- they make the best Chai Tea Latte in town and I have tasted them all. Today I sampled the sandwich menu. It took a long time to get my food so I stepped up to the counter to inquire. The owner assured me "the cheese is just melting m'am." Then he brought my Veni Vidi Veggie sandwich. Oh mama. Served warm on focaccia, the grilled vegetables, pesto and goat cheese brought a huge smile to my face. As I left, i made sure to thank him for the best sandwich I have had in 2008. Hands-down. Maybe I will go back and get another one for dinner. Just after a trip to Natural Body for the second massage of the day. . . but I digress.
Once home, I got a message (not a massage, bummer) from Rob. He was stuck at the Publix on Ponce with CC because he lost the key to our rental van he was driving. I drove back to town to get him, we picked up the kids from school, drove to Buckhead to get a spare key, drove back to Publix, Atlanta traffic, traffic, lots of lights etc. etc. On the drive home Rob found the original key in the rental van. Ain't life crazy? Why do we have a rental van? That story is for another day.
Back to the massage- thanks to Karla Kosar for the gift certificate that got me in the door. Girl, I felt sooo spoiled. Back to the sandwich, did I mention the goat cheese, the perfect temperature, the mushrooms? Back to reality. . .

"When I found the key in the van, I screamed. I actually screamed, didn't I Robert?"- Rob
Upon hearing that today was the first day of spring, "Goodbye stinky old winter!"- Robert

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  1. Y'all are so great! I love it! I love the Burlington blog! And I love the quotes! I can hear all y'all... Rob, Robert, Esther and of course, Laurie.



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