Thursday, March 27, 2008

The fellowship of the ring

On Tuesday night we saw the happy couple in person. What can I say? They are happy. We all dined at home with Little Mama, Big Daddy, Gustavo and Werner. Food fun fellowship and the ring. That morning we visited the High to see the O'Keefe exhibit. I enjoyed the art of the other women in the Stieglitz circle more than O'Keefe's, especially the photography. The companion exhibit, Transaction, is well worth seeing- Contemporary Latin American art. Following our jaunt through the High, we luncheoned at Table 1280. We last ate there when I was still pregnant. I enjoyed it even more this time :) The potato soup was prepared with broth and truffle oil- warming and light at the same time. Speaking of light, the space is drenched in it. Therefore, the restaurant has a very positive vibe. I could have sat there all day.
Rob got our van back yesterday. (Please Laurie, please tell us why you had the rental van. We have all been losing sleep over that mystery. ) Well, dear readers, I hold you in suspense no longer. One of the seatbelts in our Sienna became hopelessly jammed the weekend of the tornadoes. It had to be completely replaced. Said seatbelt replacement mechanism took 3 weeks to arrive at the dealership. That, is yet another mystery.
We fly to Boston this morning - all 5 of us! We will then drive to Maine to attend the funeral of dear Pop Fiske. I will reflect on our trip when we return. I hope we don't leave a child behind anywhere.

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