Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Maine in March

Side Hill Farm, the farmhouse

We spent an extended weekend in Maine in honor of Pop Fiske, beloved family friend and adoptive grandfather to the Burlington family. Because the summer cottage was inaccessible, we all lodged with the Remicks on Side Hill Farm. CC and I had our own digs, just a mile down the road with Jen Remick's parents, Karyl and Joe at Quiet Moon Cottage. If you think that Quiet Moon Cottage sounds like a restful place for a newborn and mom, you are correct. We snuggled in on Friday morning as the snow poured out of the sky. Rob and Jen got us over to the farm at midday with the necessary help of all wheel drive! Robert, Esther and Rob spent a few days communing with Connor,6, and Christian,8, and oh yeah, Dan and Jen- Side Hill Farm residents. Jen takes care of the inside of the farmhouse and Dan takes care of the outside, including 2 cows, 24 chickens, 5 sheep and Lily the dog.

a real Maine cow Robert feeds the sheep!

We flew to Boston Logan on Thursday with the welcome company of Little Mama and Big Daddy. They held CC while I caught an episode of Extras (recommended by Glo) on demand. They sang to her and elicited several sweet smiles. See photo. Travelling with 3 kids was a feat, 'a Trojan effort', according to Big Daddy. I think that Pop would be flattered.

Proud Auntie Steph.

On Saturday we attended the burial and funeral for Pop. The sky was bright and clear over the cemetery behind First Parish Church. We trudged through snow to gather at the Fiske plot. We huddled tightly to block out the whipping frigid wind. I felt like a character in an Ethan Frome novel amid such a stark scene. The funeral followed. What a celebration. Pop had meticulously planned the entire service- music, speakers, scripture and ALL. Kudos to him- the church rang with glorious music of praise and thanksgiving for such a thoughtful, talented, musical and humble man. Back at the farm the tribute continued over dinner as we told stories about Pop.

On Sunday we visited Gram after a stroll on the beach. I had mixed feelings about being there on such a cold day. The winter weather seemed to make a mockery of our light summer memories. And yet, every summer we return.

I was sad to leave Maine yesterday- we had such a close and warm time with friends despite the winter outside. Our March trip to Maine will always have a magical quality. Thank you Dan, Jen, Christian, Connor, Karyl and Joe!

Connor and Esther play on the computer

Remicks, Burlingtons, Hagues and offspring.


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