Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Break Chapter 4- really the last thing

On Tuesday we drove to Lynchburg to spend time with the Mortemousque family. Esther had her first real manicure that afternoon :) We dined happily that night on crepes that Paul and Robert had made. Yum! I stayed up swapping mom stories with Kelly that night til midnight. Good times.
On Wednesday morning we drove to Roanoke to see the Burnett clan. Their girls were in school while we at lunch so we had Thom and Michelle all to ourselves- NICE! After lunch, we ventured off to a park to let all the kids play together. They have 3, we have 3. I kept counting to 6 to make sure we hadn't lost anyone. All the kids had fun, but Robert and Stella seemed to form a special bond- Robert pushed Stella on the swing for a long time. . . FYI Robert, having the Burnetts as my son's in-laws will be okay by me, if that is what you wanna do some day. Finally, we landed at the cabin on Wednesday night joining Gloria, mom and dad for dinner. Ahh. The redbuds in Tennessee are breathtaking. Gloria handcrafted a Cajun style du-bosh (phonetic spelling) cake while we were there. She balanced chocolate and almond flavors beautifully in the best confection to hit my lips in 2008. Thanks Glo!
Ladies who lunch in Newport:
CC enjoyed her first trip to the cabin.On Friday, Donna and David came for lunch and to meet CC. It was great to see y'all!After that blog, I am tired.

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