Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Break Chapter 1: thank heavens for portable DVD players

After lengthy deliberation on Thursday, Rob and I decided to pack the family van full of kids and junk and drive to Washington D.C. for spring break. In order to avoid Friday afternoon spring break traffic, we departed at 8pm. I prepped the van with surprises and DVD players in the pouring rain. We drove to Burlington, NC among other minivans with DVD players going in the backseat. Really, tractor trailers and minivans-that was it. The Ramada Inn in Burlington was pretty sketch. Outdoor entry, suspiciously heavy bedspreads, etc. Our room opened to the interstate side of the hotel. Can you say tractor trailer noise? Vroooooooooooooooom. I turned on the nebulizer (basically a small air compressor) and the white noise drowned out the engine noise so that we could sleep- from 3am til 7am. The kids had a hard time calming down to sleep because of the novelty of being in a hotel. They are great sports and found ways to be enthusiastic that far surpass our jaded adult perspective. "Cool- a TV right here by the bed! Cool tub! Nice sink! Yeah- girls on this bed, boys on that bed!"

We pressed on to Washington (happily) on Saturday morning finally landing at the Hyatt Regency that afternoon. WHAT A CONTRAST. This wasn't just novelty- but luxury too. "Look mom we all have 2 pillows! They have a piano in the middle of the pool!" Check out Esther's hiding place in the window. She stashed her Goldfish there. At cocktail hour we took more photos, all at the Hyatt. Good times.

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