Thursday, April 3, 2008

You can quote me

"I just watched 'Mommy Dearest'. You are a great mom."- Gloria

After watching the panhandlers on the access ramp from Spring St. to the connector, "If I draw on a sign and stand on our street, can I get some money too? Is that how people get money, by writing on a sign?"- Robert

"Robert and Esther, pick up your things and take them out of our van. Mommy doesn't want to have a messy car."- Laurie
"Oh yeah, a messy car like ----'s car. Her car is really messy."- Esther


  1. I found you! and I blogrolled you! And, frankly you inspired me to write more. unfortunately, my writing is really boring. visit us:

  2. I'm thinking that may be my car Esther is speaking of? Love you, Jen


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