Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I hereby vent

We spent the day with mom and dad yesterday. Major fun- outside, inside, playing, resting etc. I had a chance to investigate a funny bump on the inside of my mouth. I went to visit mom and dad's fancy dentist, Dr. Patterson. Turns out that a root canal I had almost 2 years ago has abcessed. It has to be redone- by a root canal specialist. We met with a specialist for a consultation and now I am ready to get it done- when we win the lottery. After getting the van fixed we landed back at 585 Chilhoe Drive for dinner. I figured that the rest of my night would be easy- drive home, kids in bed etc.
Robert developed a case of pinkeye on the drive home and HATES the drops that I have to put in his eyes. No school for him today. And Esther was coughing with congestion so bad last night that it made her throw up- many times. So we were up til midnight and then more.
Did I mention that I am recording for a new Music Class cd this morning? And that the air conditioner is broken? Thank God for the cool weather.
Such is the life of a mother sometimes- down to the basics- bodily fluids, illnesses and laundry. Here's a gross but funny quote-
"I have a little bit of boogers in my throat this morning. But they are mouth boogers that went through my nose and into my throat. It doesn't feel very nice."- Robert

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