Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Life keeps going

After a day of being emotionally and physically exhausted (yesterday) our friends, the Kosars, came over. Being house vain, I was worried about the dust while having company. I let it go. The kids had a great time together, the Kosars new dog, Joshua-Chipper Jones, pooped on the deck, and we got to reconnect with Karla over an Irish -inspired meal a la Rob. That was enough to lift my spirits and energize us. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Earlier in the day, Virginia Shenck visited us to see the baby and discuss the upcoming pilgrimmage. We sat ouside in the sun. Although I had to dismiss myself due to pure exhaustion, her company was lovely- ready to listen, talk and take in the presence of a new baby. Thanks Virginia!

The kids slept late today (that never happens!!) - til 8:15!!!!! So, we ran late getting to school but I let that go too. Some quotes:

"I could just eat her (Cecilia) with a biscuit!"- Karla Kosar
"Sing really loud Mommy so that God can hear us!"- Esther, on a walk with me outside singing nonstop

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