Saturday, March 15, 2008

Thunder tornadoes and hail, oh my!

Yesterday started pretty normally, I began teaching again and jumped in with 3 classes. Elephant collection. Then we attended a fun play presented by Robert's class based on the Eric Carle book, Brown Bear Brown Bear. Every child had made a paper mache mask of the animal that they represented. Robert was a navy boar. He led the class in, making sure to stop at the second pole to get everyone in position. :)

Then we drove, sans Rob, to mom and dad's for the night. Just before bedding down for the night, the storms hit Atlanta. I couldn't peel my eyes from the coverage on TV. I am still a kid from Nebraska, terrified of the eerie green color that proceeds tornadoes and the late night trips to the basement. Once I did fall asleep, it wasn't for long. Let's just say that some of the worst thunder last night was inside Cecilia's diaper. Then when I heard thunder of the outdoor sort I switched on the TV to track the storm. The kids slept fine. I might have gotten 5 hours.

Today's big plans got laid in place last night. I secured tickets for Horton Hears A Who online. While having our pre-cinema lunch, the sky turned to a sickening green. We moved to the bar to be away from the windows. During a spell of lighter rain we waded to the van (4 inches of water in parking lot) and drove 2 minutes to the theater. Then it started to hail. Being the seasoned storm paranoic, I know that hail directly proceeds the big T. I pannicked and basically threw Esther out of the car with Granny.

Dr. Seuss managed to calm my nerves. Good movie. Take the whole family and see it. If you go, take me too- I had to leave twice with Esther for potty breaks so I missed some. When we got home we checked the weather on TV. Major storms passing through downtown ATL. The tornado that they showed from a camera at the airport was HUGE. Rob started to drive home from Charlotte at that point and turned back after 10 miles of traffic and bad weather.

Tonight we seem to be in the clear. Glo and Scott came for a yummy dinner. The kids are asleep. That means I should be too. Here's to tomorrow: after all, "tomorrow is another day."

"Mommy, you're supposed to have two hands on the wheel to drive. . .you have one hand on the wheel and one hand on your lipgloss. . it's important. . .to stay safe use two hands . . . that's the rule."- Esther
"I think the birds (tree frogs, actually) and the geese are having a sing-along outside."-Robert
"I just yawned Mommy, cuz I just talked so much."-Esther
"I am scared that the tornado will pick me up and take me away from my family."-Robert
"Do you want me to hold Cecilia?"-Granny, Papaw, Granny, Papaw etc.

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