Thursday, February 28, 2008

35 years, 3 kids and a gorgeous husband

This morning I was awakened by 2 super enthusiastic faces, forcing greeting cards into my hands. "Happy Birthday mommy! Can I open your card for you?? I wanna do it!" Robert and Esther were loud, boisterous and sweet and Cecilia slept right through all their chatter. She has already learned to selectively block out noise. The card that Rob gave me is worth sharing-
"Dear mom, for your birthday your deserve to get away from it all." Inside- "love, it all."
I must confess, I am ready to get away from at least some of it all. Mostly, I want to escape to my bed for about 10 hours. Rob has guaranteed me a nap this afternoon. Hooray!

We took Cecilia for a 2-week check-up this morning. That little lady has gained 1lb and 2oz. in the 16 days since she was born. And she grew an inch. Hopefully that translates to many pounds off mom and at least an inch off around the middle. How does that math work? Rob and I took her together while R and E were at school. Wow- it reminded me of when Robert was a babe- just the three of us.

I am a mother of 3 now. Sometimes that can take on the most banal of implications. For instance, after drinking her chocolate milk yesterday morning, Esther sat on my lap for a cuddle. With no warning, she threw up all over me. At the close of my day, Cecilia had apparently had too much milk before bed. She threw up all over me too. The double throw up day. That will be hard to beat. I am just glad that yesterday was not my birthday.

Mom and dad came down in the late afternoon to lend some moral and physical support. Dad held CC while mom and I played for hours with Esther (whose energy level was undeterred despite the stomach bug.)

Speaking of Esther, BIG NEWS. She has been wearing big girl panties for 4 days now. There have been a few accidents, but she is very proud to have beautiful panties! Just in time for b-day number three.

Thanks to everybody who has called or written me today. JP's rendition of Happy Birthday warmed my heart. "I didn't get you a card so this is your happy birthday wish!" :) Now, for a winter nap.

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