Friday, February 22, 2008

rain, a honeymoon, and Jesus

Actually, we are glad for the rain. It didn't stop us from packing up our van with all three kids last night for a quick pop-in at Beth Frilingos' b-day party. Esther and Robert were beside themselves with excitement to share their baby sister with friends. We all napped til 5:30 in the afternoon so having a party destination was a great end to our Thursday. Just before bed Cecilia's umbilical stump came off. Little milestone.

She seems to prefer breastmilk from the breast. I fed her lying down last night and we slept for 4 hours. Yippee!

This morning Robert held CC for an entire show, fed her and burped her all on his own (with us close by.) Esther came upstairs looking for her sister first thing this morning. At this point we are all on a big family honeymoon with this bundle of love. Sigh. Forgive me, I gush. And now for a nice quote from Hallmark via Ray and Beth Chenault:

"Slowly, starting now, a thousand stars in the sky will become clearer, a thousand notes in your heart will blend into song, and all the love you have ever given will be returned to you a thousand times better by your baby girl."

While listening to our friend Mark Miller sing beautifully arranged hymns with guitar and violin, Esther waxed theological in the van. "Why did Jesus die?" "Why did the man say Jesus die again and again?" And Robert inquired, "Did you see it when Jesus died?" I never imagined that a minivan in the pouring rain on the connector in Atlanta would be a forum for me to share the story of our faith. Crazy.

Rob is considering how to expand his job search as spring approaches. I see how relaxed and happy he is to be home with us for a while and am thankful yet again for the 6-week paternity leave policy at All Saints'. But naturally, it sure would be nice to know what the next career move will be soon, like tomorrow, or today, or yesterday. All will be well.

How about more photos?

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  1. Love reading your reflections and seeing the pictures. What a beautiful family!

    Miss you all terribly and can't wait to meet CC and kiss Esther and Robert again.

    Love you, Tante Jen


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