Wednesday, February 20, 2008

five burlingtons, a week ago

We have been a family of five for a week now. That blows my mind.

About Cecilia: she was up 3 times last night. She feeds voraciously, poops like a pro and cries rarely but with great gusto. She did a classic baby maneuver 2 nights ago around 2am. The sequence follows: eat, major poop blowout up the front and back, change diaper and clothes, eat more, throw it all up down mommy's pj top with just enough on her sleeper to merit another clothing change, still hungry, ate again, fell asleep. That ain't easy to pull off folks. She is gifted. All that merited a lovely 1st bath for her yesterday. A little soap, a sink full of water, a little baby and a soft towel made for the most heavenly smell. Ah. She stared into my eyes late last night. I could see such thought and perception in her little blue eyes. I fell in love, yet again.

About Esther: she has become a real girlfriend. She calls everybody sweetie, uses her eyes like a professional flirt, can conjure up an imaginary castle in the blink of an eye, and loves sophisticated foods. pink pink pink, sweetie. She drew her first picture of a person (mom)today- complete with eyes, cheeks, arms, hands, hair and legs. (not hair on legs, hair on head!)

About Robert: he is hopelessly attached to Cecilia. He cannot wait for her to wake up so that he can hold her, feed her, or just stare at her. He laid in the bed watching her sleep for 1/2 hour this morning. When asked by a friend what it's like to be a big brother again he replied, "It's change-y." He spun a long time in a swing today at OT. It reminded me of all the spinning I loved to do every day after school in Omaha. Maybe I was regulating myself too. When he has had too much at OT, he let's us know. Today, it was by drawing words in the air. In this case "stop."

In general: I introduced the kids to the Burlington Store yesterday. I created a bin with goodies and coupons in it for them to spend the tokens they earn with their chore chart. BIG HIT. Esther couldn't stop thanking me. She grabbed me spontaneously for a hug when I handed her a pack of gum in exchange for 10 tokens. "Thank you thank you thank you!" As for Robert, he had a spending spree! He bought gum, two MARTA rides, a play date and a trip to the dollar store. He patiently counted up to 40 tokens at a time. He asked me to keep the store open all the time, PLEASE. What gratification was mine for scraping together some gum packs, stickers, coupons with a little clever marketing!

Quotes to remember:
"Throw it away! That was living in the garbage with the poop!"- Rob
"Where is Cecilia?"- Robert, Esther, Robert, Esther, Robert, ESther etc.
"Feeding a baby is a lot of hard work!"- Robert
"Mom, Cecilia peed all over the changing table!"-Robert
"Where is God mom? Who is Jesus? (me-"God's son") No, mom- the sun is up there in the sky!"-Esther

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  1. This should be a lot of fun for all of us who do not live too close to see all of you. Please keep it up. You forgot to talk about Rob Jr. How is he handling "the five."


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