Sunday, February 24, 2008

super chic birthday dinner- mom, dad and Cecilia hit the town

On Saturday night we celebrated the L and G birthdays in style at Repast- Mom and dad made the trek into town to join us. Rob has since begun referring to this place as "a hidden gem." The atmosphere is hip but casual, the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable and we met the (young!) owner on our way out. CC was "the youngest diner they ever had there." She dined on my Scottish salmon wrapped in grape leaves at around midnight anyway.

Today is Gloria's birthday. Atlanta treated her to beautiful blue skies and 65 degree weather. We all packed up and spent early afternoon at Piedmont Park. A CC debut! Funny, we saw at least 5 or 6 other moms with tiny tiny babies making their first park trips of the season. By the time we left at 4pm or so, people were pouring into the park in droves. Atlantans love to be outside!

Rob had to be away this morning so I got really creative and used up some old shaving cream making a mess on the sidewalk this morning. Shaving cream+water+pine cones+flowers+bubbles = fun. Robert approved, "I am gonna stay out here forever today mom, all the way til dark!"

Last night we dined elegantly at home. Tim and Beth Frilingos brought dinner of cornish hens with a tomato and lemon gravy and homemade bread. Oh man. We first tasted this dish when I was pregnant. I wanted to swim in the gravy. I loved every bite last night just as much as the first time- but it was accompanied by a LOT of noise- the children transformed themselves into (loud) superheroes during our entree. That's real life folks.

I encountered a baby poop blowout at around 2am that defied the laws of physics. CC was next to me making plenty of noise as she nursed. It became clear to me that a diaper change was my next move. As I lifted my sated baby to the changing table I was startled and amazed to see that my child was befouled on her back up to her neck , down her leg to her toes and up her front to her chest. One must laugh. Laugh and go back to sleep.

Quotes: "Mommy, I like your smell the best."- Esther
"How old is Gloria mom? (me-33) Holy cow!!"- Robert
"Hello little baby, DOT COM!!!"- Esther
"Daddy, will you make my dinner now? I am hungry, I wanna eat now Daddy!"- Esther

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